Distortion – Jenn

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For me, this assignment is meant to create some twist into our perception of reality.  Here are a few images i found that represented the dark side of innocence.  These images were found on Google under Gothic artwork.  I am also drawing inspiration from the religious symbols found in Renaissance paintings.



Distortion Jillian

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For this assignment, I want to shoot and capture the distorted perception of what the subject is. I am going to use food, and shoot something that isn’t as it truly seems. These are some images that I pulled from the internet, but I couldn’t really find a visual of what I truly wanted.

 BETH ZINK Distortion


for more of Mike and Doug works look above!!!!!

They work with inkjet prints with wax, encaustic and varnish. I like how they create this larger then life dream spaces by layering prints and adding wax and varnish to set a tone and create a mood

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Brittney Lockwood- Distortion Example

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Matthew Albanese

Matthew Albanese did this project, called “Strange Worlds”, where he created sets of places and photographed them to look life size. The amount of attention to detail and specificity of these sets are what allows them to look so real in the photographs. There are so many aspects to consider here; the materials used to construct the set, the scale of the objects in relation to the camera and to one another, the lighting, the angle of the camera, etc.I thought this project was a great example of distortion because you are literally distorting a person’s perspective of the image. He is taking a diorama, something you could hold in your hand, and making it look like a completely real scene.

East Islip Pride_Final Edit #4

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Distortion stuff -Liz Stemmler

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I used this for my homework because they distort the body in all sorts of ways and it throws you off. It’s a really interesting video. They used a lot of photoshop and distorted it to make the effect that things are just odd. I enjoy how they didn’t over do the effects of distortion and left it to seem a bit believable.

Inspiration Distortion?!

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I was stumbling on Fstoppers (A photo/video blog) and i stumbled upon this 

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/7878518″>timeRemapExportHD</a&gt; from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/amcb”>Adrien M / Claire B</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

This video consist of a literal interpretation of “Distortion”. I believe we can take “Distortion” and express the idea in anyway but I thought this was a great way to show a physical interpretation of “Distortion”. Although this looks rather technical and straight forward it tends to warp my sense of balance and what reality could be. What dimension do we actually view through? Could it change through a different medium?…