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Mutli-channel – Jenn

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For multichannel I wanted to take a controversial issue and make it beautiful.  Abortion is an extremely sensitive subject in America.  As a woman, this decision is always a difficult one no matter what your personal beliefs are.  There is a significant amount of judgment from both the media and religious representatives.  Many young woman face the hardest desicion of there life alone.



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Multichannel- Livia Glosikova

What Do You Come Home To?


I took a little road trip. I went to a music festival in Gainesville, Florida, and I realized this was my chance to create something that would be very fitting for multichannel project. Thinking about the idea of multiple screens made me think of the advantage it creates to tell a story to multiple visual aspects. I decided to create a feel of my personal experience of traveling down to Florida, the people I met and the culture that was so fascinating. The idea of having someone tell their story through one screen and create the vision of their words through another was the ultimate goal I tried to reach.


Distortion Inspiration – Jaymie Idowu

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I still don’t know what I want to do for the distortion, but one video i thought of was Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun.  It uses green screens, and of course distorted faces.

Although, I all over the place as to where I want to go with this project, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to go the Soundgarden video route.  I’m thinking of something darker and grittier with bodies.  Not quite, Nine Inch Nails’ Closer.

May something that mixes the feel of the video and abstract images like this:

But on my search i found the below images, by Pol Úbeda Hervàs really inspiring for distortion.  How could I make a video using this concept?

Distortion – Jenn

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For me, this assignment is meant to create some twist into our perception of reality.  Here are a few images i found that represented the dark side of innocence.  These images were found on Google under Gothic artwork.  I am also drawing inspiration from the religious symbols found in Renaissance paintings.


Distortion Jillian

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For this assignment, I want to shoot and capture the distorted perception of what the subject is. I am going to use food, and shoot something that isn’t as it truly seems. These are some images that I pulled from the internet, but I couldn’t really find a visual of what I truly wanted.

BETH ZINK Distortion

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 BETH ZINK Distortion

for more of Mike and Doug works look above!!!!!

They work with inkjet prints with wax, encaustic and varnish. I like how they create this larger then life dream spaces by layering prints and adding wax and varnish to set a tone and create a mood

Brittney Lockwood- Distortion Example

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Matthew Albanese

Matthew Albanese did this project, called “Strange Worlds”, where he created sets of places and photographed them to look life size. The amount of attention to detail and specificity of these sets are what allows them to look so real in the photographs. There are so many aspects to consider here; the materials used to construct the set, the scale of the objects in relation to the camera and to one another, the lighting, the angle of the camera, etc.I thought this project was a great example of distortion because you are literally distorting a person’s perspective of the image. He is taking a diorama, something you could hold in your hand, and making it look like a completely real scene.