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So I was trying to figure out how to sync or snap together frames for our channels project so frames can match. Then I stumbled upon this which I never knew about FCPX and it looked pretty helpful for workflow


Multichannel_East Islip Pride

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The EI pride video of myself started with showing my inner-athlete when it comes to track and cross country. I ran on the varsity EI teams throughout high school and 5 years later I could still say I’m an inspired athlete. Taking this sport up non-professionally enables me to to stay in shape without the stress of competing head to head. I recorded myself both in the day and night,and on the track and in the woods because both of these places were a huge part of my life for 6 years.

CLUE! Still and Audio – JennS.

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Video Caption

Multi Channel Inspiration

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Home Is What You Make It <360 Experiment> from Carl Frey on Vimeo.

I like the technical aspect of the 360 experience in this video.

And I like the use of colors in this one…


BILL VIOLA – Jaymie, Beth/Jethro, Jillian

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Bill Viola (1951) is a video artist from Queens New York. Viola is considered an instrumental figure in establishing video as a contemporary art form. He’s been creating pushing the video format for 40 years, expanding the artistic forms of technology, content, and historical understanding. Viola work has focused on the ideas of fundamental human experiences such as birth, death and aspects of consciousness. Viola work primarily focuses on the ideas of fundamental human experiences, such as birth, death and aspects of consciousness.

To show the thin line between life and death Viola used large plasma screens in a church, cascading razor-thin streams of water, and video to show his subject crossing over to the other side.

inspired by a fresco painting, he recreated and brought to life a painting depicting Jesus Christ’s resurrection

personal investigation of the inner states and connections to animal consciousness we all carry within.


Slow, Symbolism, Religion, and LOTS of water

Viola pushes the envelope on the video and technical front.  From the 80s to the present.

Viola’s technique for the time high very high-tech, but looking back at a 1986 video it doesn’t look up to par to today’s standard.  His 2007 work looks stellar and high tech.


Pipilotti Rist

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Pipilotti Rist- Ever Is Over
Alana Peters, Livia Glosikova, Audrey Heller & Kendra Heisler

1) Content
• Beauty
• Destruction
• Female empowerment
• Women with nature vs. Men with machines
• World of Innocence
• Surreal state
• Dream scape
• “Wizard of Oz”

2) Form-
• She uses the multichannel form to portray contrast between innocence and femininity against a male dominated, machine filled world. The right side streams a video of a red-hot poker flower field in an abstract form. The left side is a slow motion video of a girl in a “fairy tale like” blue dress and red shoes walking/skipping down the street smashing car windows with her red-hot poker flower.

3) Technique

• The technique that Rist uses to mesh two different videos together creates a surreal dream like state, which; combined with the overcast blue color, excites a very unusual and interesting experience for the viewer.

4) Aesthetic-

• Rist uses a mix of high and low quality video, and bright colors to create distortion. Her over all aesthetic is High quality and polished in terms of presentation, however because the actual video is low quality, it gives the view the ability to relate more to her work.

Kristina Gosline Multi-Channel Example

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The Late Night Triad 2003
Three synced single-channel digital projections
Running time: 3 min 35 sec looped. Dimensions variable. Ed. 3 + 1 APs.

“In this installation, from a broader series begun in 1997, 64 nights’ worth of the major US late night talk shows have been aligned and averaged using basic transformations. The result is a triptych of video projections with soundtrack, presenting an amalgamation of monologues which reveals the ghosts of repetitious structure and nightly activity.”

I’ve recently learned about Jason Salavon & the work that I am more familiar with is his 100 Special Moments Series. This video is similar to the series, capturing the images that overlay each other, unifying this moment that is very common and generic and distorting it.