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Kristina Gosline — Still & Audio Examples

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“One in 8 Million tells the stories of New York Characters in sound and images”
Series produced by Sarah Kramer & Alexis Mainland
Photographs by Todd Heisler
Interactive Development by Tom Jackson

‘Beginners’ — 2011 film by Mike Mills. In the beginning of the trailer, the narrator compares two different times in a very structured way. I think the use of the narration with the images is simplistic but still effective.


Hana Cho – Still and Audio

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Surveillance – Jaymie Idowu

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a still and sound example?

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Livia Glosikova- Still Life & Audio

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Paper Memories:


I min audio:




Joy of Destruction:


Winter Tale:


Livia Glosikova- Survaillance

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Window Portraits

On one quiet evening, I found myself walking around my neighborhood in hope for inspiration. I didn’t have a clear idea of what surveillance meant to me. However, I realized that rather than invading someone’s personal space to survey, I could create a different feel of what surveillance could be.

Windows. Nowadays, we take them for granted. And what we don’t realize is that windows allow us to look into someone’s home, someone’s personal space; and that’s of course if they let us. I continued on my walking journey and soon enough, these windows, without any human presence, stood on their own..just representing their residents. I gave myself a rule to only photograph windows that were portrayed to the public sidewalk. I created an idea that these people let me, and everyone else, in on their space. I took as an invitation.

Brittney Lockwood- Audio and Stills Examples

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Peter DiCampo

Sebastian Meyer

Bryan Persichetti