Distortion                     Distortion Distortion

For the distortion project, I continued working with glass in between my subject & the viewer. I placed a 8×10 piece of glass between the camera and a painting. The highlight of this project are the textures you see and can visualize, so you can complete the image.  I was inspired by Uta Barth.  The link leads to a great interviewer about her Ground and Field series. I plan on continuing work like this. Over the break I will be finding resources and experimenting with the fundamental ideas from this project and bringing it outdoors.


MultiChannel – Kristina Gosline

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Gosline MultiChannel from Kristina Gosline on Vimeo.

For this multichannel project I was continuing to experiment with my thesis. I’ve been exploring distortion & separating the viewer from the subject with different materials. In this project, I chose plastic.

The video is about perception. Noticing the change that happens. I was really inspired by an article A Few of Many Ways We Distort Reality, from Psychology Today. This article lead me to The Invisible Gorilla. Which is all about perception.

This project seeks to question the validity of your perception of your physical appearance, and how accurately you can actually see your features. Other people see you differently than you see yourself, and some people might find flaws where you see none, or tell you that the flaws you think you have are not flaws at all. Attractiveness is subjective, and although you may think you are attractive, to others you may not be that way. But the real question is, is there ever a way to truly know what you look like? Or is it all subjective to your sense of complacency?

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Mutli-channel – Jenn

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For multichannel I wanted to take a controversial issue and make it beautiful.  Abortion is an extremely sensitive subject in America.  As a woman, this decision is always a difficult one no matter what your personal beliefs are.  There is a significant amount of judgment from both the media and religious representatives.  Many young woman face the hardest desicion of there life alone.


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Multichannel- Livia Glosikova

What Do You Come Home To?


I took a little road trip. I went to a music festival in Gainesville, Florida, and I realized this was my chance to create something that would be very fitting for multichannel project. Thinking about the idea of multiple screens made me think of the advantage it creates to tell a story to multiple visual aspects. I decided to create a feel of my personal experience of traveling down to Florida, the people I met and the culture that was so fascinating. The idea of having someone tell their story through one screen and create the vision of their words through another was the ultimate goal I tried to reach.


Distortion Inspiration – Jaymie Idowu

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I still don’t know what I want to do for the distortion, but one video i thought of was Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun.  It uses green screens, and of course distorted faces.

Although, I all over the place as to where I want to go with this project, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to go the Soundgarden video route.  I’m thinking of something darker and grittier with bodies.  Not quite, Nine Inch Nails’ Closer.

May something that mixes the feel of the video and abstract images like this:

But on my search i found the below images, by Pol Úbeda Hervàs really inspiring for distortion.  How could I make a video using this concept?